President Obama Re-authorizes Fed. Unemployment Extension For 2012 Due To Steadily High Unemployment Numbers


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Digital Wave Profit Formula Designs A Revolutionary Product To Help Cope With Unemployment


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Unemployment Extension : New High 13.7 Million American Citizens Now Collect Unemployment As Of May 2012


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TALX To Discuss Recession’s Effect On Unemployment Costs At HR Houston’s 2012 Symposium


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TALX Expert To Help Companies Master Unemployment Processes At April’s West Georgia SHRM Meeting


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“The Genuine Story Behind Vet Unemployment Rates : Perception Vs. Reality.” Fables Exposed By G.I. Jobs Magazine April 2012 Issue


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Rate Of Unemployment Falls Below Nine P.c For First Time In Two Years ; Professional And Business Sector Add The Most Jobs


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Get Your Unemployment Telephone Number


Since many folks work for a living, when they become unemployed they often urgently need to start receiving their unemployment benefits as they look for more work. If an individual is going to be underemployed or has already become jobless, they are going to need their country's unemployment phone number. Before an individual can receive unemployment benefits, they will need to get in touch with their local unemployment dept or agency and apply to get their unemployment benefits. Many folks can be assisted by knowing their state's unemployment telephone number since this allows them to get in touch with the agency as soon as possible, without causing the individual to drive over to the office or dept. Every one of the 50 states has a different telephone number, so it is important to make certain that the correct number for the individual's state is dialed to make any forward progress with a claim. While individuals used to be needed to go to the unemployment office and stand in long lines, a nation's unemployment phone number is now an invaluable asset to saving time and offering convenience to those who are out of work.

Not only would people need a contact number so as to sign up for benefits, this is also beneficial for people who want to pose questions of the office or agency without having to spend the gas to get there, or to whine in the event that an individual's benefits have not arrived to them punctually. While many of us could have particular questions about the advantages which are due to them, it's also sensible to ask what other services could be offered by the unemployment office. For example, some offices and departments will offer job placement or career counseling opportunities and services. As well as finding a state's unemployment telephone number online, it is also possible to find the number in a phone book under the listing for Work Department, Work Service, Public Work Service, Unemployment, or a corresponding category.


The Feared Unemployment Story


When you are concerned in a layoff it seems as if your world has sort of come to a close. In a way this happens to be true. Those folks you've been working with are a lot like your own family in lots of techniques. Now that family will come to a close in a sort of fashion.

If you are fortunate you will stay in communication with a lot of those work mates and you need to use them to help support you in your search for another job. You will also support them in lots of ways . You're a support group with a typical purpose. That purpose is finding another job. Now in this day and age your chances of getting immediate employment are awfully slim.

Actually because f the enormous sackings and the probable chances that a lot of the roles you qualify for will actually disappear. The plain fact is you are just among the unemployed. Let’s take a quick look at that term, unemployment, and see what it represents. They have created a law to protect those that become underemployed. So why will they need such a law anyhow. Why is because the lawmaking assembly in this country know that employment isn’t at all stable so they pass a law that gives us some defense against the pitfalls of employment.

That pitfall is that the value of workers is a corporation's largest costs. So when the economy takes a recession the 1st actions taken is for the corporations to cut back their costs. That generates the unemployment and in this day and age that unemployment is a stupefying figure and awfully frightening. It is scary because the chances of the majority of the unemployed getting back to work is really slim.

The opposition for those roles that exist or are open is very high. Typically in moderate cases the applications for the existing roles will seldom surpass one hundred candidates. Often they will be about 20 to thirty candidates. In this day and age of unemployment the amount of unemployed brings the contest to a figure of over one thousand applicants for each job. What the unemployed don’t actually realize is that their last employer is also suffering. They can not meet their requirement for their products because their work force has been reduced to the bare bones. They are seeking alternatives to that problem and nobody has the answers.

So they turn to a service know as a work agency. The large advantage to this is that these firms can pay a set charge and get a worker that can do their job. But the worker is only getting their wages or salary and no benefits. And then that salary is a lot less than they were making before their layoff.

What these staff don't know is that these transient employment agencies receive a fine premium from these firms of which they just have to pay you a salary of approximately one 3rd of what they are receiving. They also have to work with your payroll which cost them another part of that revenue but this amount does not show up on the books of the particular company that is using your services thru that transient employment agency. That company only has to pay an hourly billable charge for each hour you work for that company. At any rate the production does increase and the company can meet almost all of their requirement for their products in the market. However they do this at the expense of the ex-employee. There is a large amount of danger for the part-time employee because if any person in their family gets ill or suffers a major medical problem they are going to be really up to the neck in debt in a short time.

So is there an answer to that issue? We find that there truly is an answer . Those solution is found in the area of the transient employment agency model. Here is how that can help you. If you could contract to an ex-employer to do the work that you probably did originally and you received that hourly income for this would that keep you out of the unemployment line and it will give you work and an excellent income in the act? Would this fix your problems? I say it sure would but you've got to do this right or else you will be in a massive hurt for some of the advantages you want.

Here's what your options will finish up being in the future when you are jobless. You can draw unemployment till it can't be available because you have used up all you are entitled as well. Then the govt. will take over and extend that for some period. However there is not any permanent fix for that issue unless you do something to correct your current position. At last about two thirds of those unemployed will drop right off of the unemployment statistics and they won't be counted among the jobless any longer. They are all now unhomed, desperate and without employment.

These masses will all be scratching for their own firms. They're desperate and they require an income. However they don't have any or little understanding of what a business is all about . They'll be in the power of every Internet predator that will give them info about companies utilising the Internet. Typically these will exist as what is known as affiliate programs. These are programs that will let you publicize their products and pay you a commission for your activities. The single thing you're going to need to attain this is a very good knowledge in the concepts of selling.

A large amount of these folk will provide you a training routine but you may still need to learn plenty by trials and gaffe till you get sufficient experience to work well in this area of the Net. Meanwhile your earnings will be really limited. You might do a hybrid system that will allow you to work part-time through the temporary work agency till you learn the concepts of online marketing but that may still take about 1 to 3 years before it is possible for you to be on your own without the temporary job. Finally you could make this work best but can you afford the time needed to discover what you have got to know so as to operate an affiliate sells program.

So what if it was possible for you to get back to work at this time. The cost to do this is minimal when compared to the choice of trying to start your own net related business. It won't take you a few years to learn how to do that. It is linked with a system you are a guru in. That's to be a worker of sorts without being in the realm of an employee.

I know that statement doesn't make much sense at the moment. But we know of a way you can do this immediately. To offer you some clues it's your own business and it doesn't need the learning of several years to get it to work at full steam providing you a reasonable income and enough income to pay for your own benefits and retirement programs. Let’s summarize this some and see how it appears.

You are in your own business and yet you are working in the same job type you were doing when you were laid off. You have to learn only a basic amount of promoting and sales principle to make this program work well. They training can be acheived in a week or less and the structure can be set up in a day or two. When you are done you can get a few jobs using the same instrument for each job. Then you can hire, if you need, your own staff to work on those other roles while you do your own job. You get extra income from this effort and you have little overhead to try this.

You just have to hire someone to make the payroll. Each company pays you for these workers and you supply them some essential benefits such as hospital insurance and paid vacations. These could be some of your old fellow workers that are now working for you and also your company. You're like that temporary employment agency in a way except you provide more than they ever will so you'll keep those staff for an extended period of time to come. You can develop certain contract to put all this together and keep it working forever . The better part is you will never suffer from a layoff ever again . You will lose a contract now and then but then all you have got to do is develop another contract.

The benefits here are you can't be laid off from your own company. You get a check every two weeks based upon the hours you really work and then some executive functions that are paid at this same rate. You are in your own business and it didn't take forever to to get it working and to get the coaching required. After around 3 months you are working as an expert business person. This system is already being employed by lots of firms because they will be able to save tons of money doing this and they never need to pay all of the common costs of work such as payroll and its costs. Each day and each minute of every day there are contracts being developed between firms to hire then for certain services that must be accomplished. These programs do not need the regular additional personnel such as supervisors and accountants to support the worker model they often use. All the employee cost is gone and a lot of the general rules and regulations don't apply like they do when staff are employed.