Rate Of Unemployment Falls Below Nine P.c For First Time In Two Years ; Professional And Business Sector Add The Most Jobs


<!–ACNTP The February Work Situation Report released by the Office of Labor Stats under the Dept of Work stated that the employment rate has now dipped down to 8.9 %, which is the 1st time in 2 years that it … Continue reading

Get Your Unemployment Telephone Number


Since many folks work for a living, when they become unemployed they often urgently need to start receiving their unemployment benefits as they look for more work. If an individual is going to be underemployed or has already become jobless, they are going to need their country's unemployment phone number. Before an individual can receive unemployment benefits, they will need to get in touch with their local unemployment dept or agency and apply to get their unemployment benefits. Many folks can be assisted by knowing their state's unemployment telephone number since this allows them to get in touch with the agency as soon as possible, without causing the individual to drive over to the office or dept. Every one of the 50 states has a different telephone number, so it is important to make certain that the correct number for the individual's state is dialed to make any forward progress with a claim. While individuals used to be needed to go to the unemployment office and stand in long lines, a nation's unemployment phone number is now an invaluable asset to saving time and offering convenience to those who are out of work.

Not only would people need a contact number so as to sign up for benefits, this is also beneficial for people who want to pose questions of the office or agency without having to spend the gas to get there, or to whine in the event that an individual's benefits have not arrived to them punctually. While many of us could have particular questions about the advantages which are due to them, it's also sensible to ask what other services could be offered by the unemployment office. For example, some offices and departments will offer job placement or career counseling opportunities and services. As well as finding a state's unemployment telephone number online, it is also possible to find the number in a phone book under the listing for Work Department, Work Service, Public Work Service, Unemployment, or a corresponding category.


The Feared Unemployment Story


When you are concerned in a layoff it seems as if your world has sort of come to a close. In a way this happens to be true. Those folks you've been working with are a lot like your own family in lots of techniques. Now that family will come to a close in a sort of fashion.

If you are fortunate you will stay in communication with a lot of those work mates and you need to use them to help support you in your search for another job. You will also support them in lots of ways . You're a support group with a typical purpose. That purpose is finding another job. Now in this day and age your chances of getting immediate employment are awfully slim.

Actually because f the enormous sackings and the probable chances that a lot of the roles you qualify for will actually disappear. The plain fact is you are just among the unemployed. Let’s take a quick look at that term, unemployment, and see what it represents. They have created a law to protect those that become underemployed. So why will they need such a law anyhow. Why is because the lawmaking assembly in this country know that employment isn’t at all stable so they pass a law that gives us some defense against the pitfalls of employment.

That pitfall is that the value of workers is a corporation's largest costs. So when the economy takes a recession the 1st actions taken is for the corporations to cut back their costs. That generates the unemployment and in this day and age that unemployment is a stupefying figure and awfully frightening. It is scary because the chances of the majority of the unemployed getting back to work is really slim.

The opposition for those roles that exist or are open is very high. Typically in moderate cases the applications for the existing roles will seldom surpass one hundred candidates. Often they will be about 20 to thirty candidates. In this day and age of unemployment the amount of unemployed brings the contest to a figure of over one thousand applicants for each job. What the unemployed don’t actually realize is that their last employer is also suffering. They can not meet their requirement for their products because their work force has been reduced to the bare bones. They are seeking alternatives to that problem and nobody has the answers.

So they turn to a service know as a work agency. The large advantage to this is that these firms can pay a set charge and get a worker that can do their job. But the worker is only getting their wages or salary and no benefits. And then that salary is a lot less than they were making before their layoff.

What these staff don't know is that these transient employment agencies receive a fine premium from these firms of which they just have to pay you a salary of approximately one 3rd of what they are receiving. They also have to work with your payroll which cost them another part of that revenue but this amount does not show up on the books of the particular company that is using your services thru that transient employment agency. That company only has to pay an hourly billable charge for each hour you work for that company. At any rate the production does increase and the company can meet almost all of their requirement for their products in the market. However they do this at the expense of the ex-employee. There is a large amount of danger for the part-time employee because if any person in their family gets ill or suffers a major medical problem they are going to be really up to the neck in debt in a short time.

So is there an answer to that issue? We find that there truly is an answer . Those solution is found in the area of the transient employment agency model. Here is how that can help you. If you could contract to an ex-employer to do the work that you probably did originally and you received that hourly income for this would that keep you out of the unemployment line and it will give you work and an excellent income in the act? Would this fix your problems? I say it sure would but you've got to do this right or else you will be in a massive hurt for some of the advantages you want.

Here's what your options will finish up being in the future when you are jobless. You can draw unemployment till it can't be available because you have used up all you are entitled as well. Then the govt. will take over and extend that for some period. However there is not any permanent fix for that issue unless you do something to correct your current position. At last about two thirds of those unemployed will drop right off of the unemployment statistics and they won't be counted among the jobless any longer. They are all now unhomed, desperate and without employment.

These masses will all be scratching for their own firms. They're desperate and they require an income. However they don't have any or little understanding of what a business is all about . They'll be in the power of every Internet predator that will give them info about companies utilising the Internet. Typically these will exist as what is known as affiliate programs. These are programs that will let you publicize their products and pay you a commission for your activities. The single thing you're going to need to attain this is a very good knowledge in the concepts of selling.

A large amount of these folk will provide you a training routine but you may still need to learn plenty by trials and gaffe till you get sufficient experience to work well in this area of the Net. Meanwhile your earnings will be really limited. You might do a hybrid system that will allow you to work part-time through the temporary work agency till you learn the concepts of online marketing but that may still take about 1 to 3 years before it is possible for you to be on your own without the temporary job. Finally you could make this work best but can you afford the time needed to discover what you have got to know so as to operate an affiliate sells program.

So what if it was possible for you to get back to work at this time. The cost to do this is minimal when compared to the choice of trying to start your own net related business. It won't take you a few years to learn how to do that. It is linked with a system you are a guru in. That's to be a worker of sorts without being in the realm of an employee.

I know that statement doesn't make much sense at the moment. But we know of a way you can do this immediately. To offer you some clues it's your own business and it doesn't need the learning of several years to get it to work at full steam providing you a reasonable income and enough income to pay for your own benefits and retirement programs. Let’s summarize this some and see how it appears.

You are in your own business and yet you are working in the same job type you were doing when you were laid off. You have to learn only a basic amount of promoting and sales principle to make this program work well. They training can be acheived in a week or less and the structure can be set up in a day or two. When you are done you can get a few jobs using the same instrument for each job. Then you can hire, if you need, your own staff to work on those other roles while you do your own job. You get extra income from this effort and you have little overhead to try this.

You just have to hire someone to make the payroll. Each company pays you for these workers and you supply them some essential benefits such as hospital insurance and paid vacations. These could be some of your old fellow workers that are now working for you and also your company. You're like that temporary employment agency in a way except you provide more than they ever will so you'll keep those staff for an extended period of time to come. You can develop certain contract to put all this together and keep it working forever . The better part is you will never suffer from a layoff ever again . You will lose a contract now and then but then all you have got to do is develop another contract.

The benefits here are you can't be laid off from your own company. You get a check every two weeks based upon the hours you really work and then some executive functions that are paid at this same rate. You are in your own business and it didn't take forever to to get it working and to get the coaching required. After around 3 months you are working as an expert business person. This system is already being employed by lots of firms because they will be able to save tons of money doing this and they never need to pay all of the common costs of work such as payroll and its costs. Each day and each minute of every day there are contracts being developed between firms to hire then for certain services that must be accomplished. These programs do not need the regular additional personnel such as supervisors and accountants to support the worker model they often use. All the employee cost is gone and a lot of the general rules and regulations don't apply like they do when staff are employed.


Youth Unemployment : A Rather Serious Concern Of Orissa


Not only our future business soundness but the soundness of our democratic establishments depends on the determination of our administration to give employment to idle men.- Franklin D. Roosevelt Whenever we are talking about economic development, we cannot ignore young generation. Youth have been recognized as 147,the most urgent section of the community148,. Among the other Problems, the teens of Orissa has been facing the unemployment problem.

Life for a unwaged youth is very unhappy in all aspects. They're in incredible pressure from all sides. The query 145,what are you doing?146, without understanding the ground fact of employment opportunity questions the utility of his life. The difficulty lies with the high expectation of the member of the family and the society, who always nag him without knowing the psychological tensions of the youth anxious and the situation around him. So the educated youth rushes after schooling for his livelihood forgetting nearly all-important facets of his life and getting less chance to think for the society and for himself too . Quite suitably, the problem of youth unemployment has been recognized as a facet of state unemployment prob! Lem. Educated youths have no stable and durable employment.

A unemployed youth takes a while to find employment and secures it at an insufficient remuneration since job seekers far outnumber the available opportunities . An Issue of Doubt Before we confine our self in Orissa, let us put some light on world figures. According to the report on World Employment Trends for Youth 2004 by the World Labour Organisation, (ILO) Geneva, there are 184 million unwaged folks around the world, and among them, 47 per cent are young persons. Around 88 million younger people between the ages of 18-24 are unwaged across the world.

India accounts for a major chunk of Asia146,s unwaged. Simultaneously there146,s been a marked dip in the amount of jobs on offer from the arranged sector (less than ten p.c). As a consequence, the stress of job creation has shifted to the informal sector. So far as Orissa is concerned, growing educated unemployed youth is one of the burning issues of Orissa. According to 2001 census, 38.79% of total population, which accounts 142.76 lakh are total workers in Orissa.

Out of! The total number of workers, main workers account for 67.2%. The primary employees comprise of rural labourers (21.9%), cultivators (35.8%), household industries workers (4.2%) and other employees (38.1%). When we figure out the unemployment figure in term of female and male population, 52.5% of the male population and 24.7 percent of female population are employees.

The total unemployment at the start of 2004-2005 was 9.97 lakhs. During the year, the additional labour force was 1.87 lakh and the work generation of 1.94 lakh. So the unemployment predicted by the end of the 2004-2005 will be of the order of 9.90 lakh. But the governing body has made a decision to set a target of providing employment chance to 3.19 lakh youths in the existing financial. As per the Live Register maintained by work exchanges in the state, there are 6.16 lakh applications from individuals classified as 145,educated146,. Only 2,239 were placed in roles in 2002-03. This is only the top of the iceberg because not all job-seekers register with these exchanges.

It is only in the case of the educated unwaged who make some effort to get themselves registered at employment exchanges that a trusty figure of unemployment is attainable. What about college or college dropouts who have not heard about employment exchanges or who are not eligible for any govt. Job? In order to tackle the problem of unemployment, the Orissa Government tried to deal with this issue in its Tenth Plan (2002-07) thru self-employment schemes for about one crore folk living below the poverty line. Nonetheless in 2002-03, only 1.33 lakh were employed on daily wages.

In 2003-04, this number rose barely to 1.68 lakh and expected employment generation during 2004-05 is about 1.94 lakh person. The Actuality We have a conception that education is meant to reduce the prospects of unemployment. The truth is the youth with higher degrees tends to be more choosy about available jobs unlike their illiterate opposite number who are staying in the shade poverty, ready to do whatever work available. The educated unwaged glaringly come from comparatively better-off families, which can afford to support them till they find a job matching their standing and living standard.

Statistical data do not, and can't, tell the whole truth about unemployment. In the event of hamlet youth, the family supports after university pass-out is vis materials and not in kind of money. After their study, they are usually becoming full time schooling pros, which make them sufficient for short term but in long run it infrequently helps them to build a sound career. He has to spend almost 6 to 7 hours per day in tutoring.

As a consequence he got extraordinarily less time to think up his own matter and own career. Out of fort! Y respondents, most all educated rural teens rely upon tuition and only only a few fellows are getting money from his place and that is founded on the condition of only another half a year only . Reduction Strategy Though, Orissa has such a lot of naturally occuring resources and a large pool of work, still we are unable to invite potential entrepreneurs.

Simultaneously, the state ranks poorly on all socio-economic indicators, with nearly half its population living below the poverty line. Education, medical care, substructure development, farming and business expansion are all in poor shape, while child and maternal death rates are high. The governing body must do a whole lot of brainstorm on tools of reducing of unemployment (through job and self-employment) and creation of job (through entrepreneurship). The governing body started a suggestion 145,Swarnajayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana (SGSY) 146,, which is financed by State of India and the State with 75:25 funding to create micro-enterprises and this suggestion emphasizes in Self-help Groups (SHG) i.e. On a combined approach.

In 2001, the govt has implemented Sampoorna Gramin Rozgar Yojana (SGRY) on 75:25 funding between State of India and the state, which concentrates on additional wage work creating schemes in agricultural areas and food security. State Legislature has set up Employment Mission to work on a missionary passion for making employment prospects in Orissa. The mission is networking now with private varsities and placement agencies to locate more career openings. Orissa government had also made a decision to promote technical education at every level. To meet the target, Government started training program for rustic youth in BPL families. And through PM Rojgar Yojana (PMRY), urban youth is getting job opportunities which is likely to reduce misery in long term.

Keeping in view the growing unemployment problem, latterly the govt has decided to prepare a five-year viewpoint plan to provide sector-wise chances to the unwaged teens. The decision to that effect was taken at the steering panel meeting of the Employment Mission presided over by development commissioner Ajit Kumar Tripathy at the State Secretariat in Bhubaneswar on November sixteen, 2005. Besides that the steering panel meeting was decided to accord top priority in providing work opportunity to the tribal teenagers in KBK districts and entrust the info technology and agriculture departments to a major role in making possibilities for the teens. A decision was taken that IT kiosks would be set up on vacant executive land in urbanized areas while the farm kit would be supplied at a subsidised rate to help rural teenagers.

The panel is also decided to cultivate jatropha that can be used as bio fuel, in these areas that the Orissa Eco-friendly Power Development Agency (OREDA) would formulate a particular programme. The council made a decision to ask for the banks to lose all outstanding applications with them under the Prime Minister146,s Rojgar Yojana (PMRY). Conclusion Educated youth face a scenario of isolation and pressure from the family, govt, and from the locality, where they stay. Not simply the government, but also every individual should focus on this burning issue. In stark contrast to the Gujratis and Punjabis, Oriyas are always loath to start self-employment professions. Now time has arrived to use our talent start something not for our self except for our community by which we are able to give opportunity to our youths. At the very same time the government should take some energy to help the young generation to step forward from the sphere of untouchables and create a sphere, which appreciate by the humankind.

The State Administration should also vigorously pursue industrialization and big corporations and set up industries, which will have a tolerable impact on the development of the State from a backward image to a modern image. The say that youth is the way forward for the society is no more a slogan of the day as a unemployed youth is behaved like! Untouchables in all sphere of life Devi Prasad Mahapatra, Email:devimahapatragmail Source : thehindubusinessline our website tribuneindia.


Unemployment Debt Help – Light At The End Of The Road For The Unemployed


The present money stagnation has principally been reflected on the provision of empty job positions across the country. Many bosses are attempting to decrease their work-force to shrink their spending bills, hence, unemployment rates have skyrocketed across the past 2 years. Unemployment Fed. Help is continuously helping unwaged Americans to stand on their feet and earn money. Unemployment assistance debt can often help them create their own companies.

The voluntary debt assistance unemployment programme is available for American residents in New York, New Jersey, Maine, Maryland, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Delaware. But the program is anticipated to grow to cover the entire country within the following couple of years. The state Workforce Agency offers information regarding the program on its official web site. The programme is a smart answer to the underemployed who are willing to start smaller companies. Under state law, jobless American would receive regular unemployment insurance payments to help them support their livings. The unemployment debt comprises a self-employment allowance that replaces the unemployment insurance benefits.

This allowance is generally paid to a unemployed citizen on regular basis and may be used to finance self-employment businesses. To be accepted for receiving an unemployment debt to finance your business, you must be fit for receiving unemployment insurance benefits under Fed. Law. Subjects, who've permanently were made redundant and are predicted to receive unemployment insurance benefits for long period, are mostly eligible for receiving a self employment assistance debt. The Nation's Fed. Profiling System can easily identify jobless Americans who can take part in this voluntary programme.

You can qualify for receiving a loan, even if you're taking part in other self employment programs such as business counselling, entrepreneurial rehabilitation and technical pro assistance. Underemployed American citizens can also receive financial aids to help them pay back their delinquent loans. Consolidation loans are available for jobless North Americans. A consolidation loan is a loan that's provided to help paying back another loan. Consolidation loans are often set to low rates and are amortized over very long periods that might reach up to twenty years.

To get a work debt, you need to lodge a claim through the State Unemployment Insurance agency. A legitimate social security number and an evidence of unemployment are required to complete the claim. Unemployment assistance debt is a voluntary program that's currently available in many states across America. The brilliant program is delivering hope to every unwaged American who is eager to get off the ground.


Unemployment Benefits Suitability 101


The current reports about the present rate of unemployment dropping to 9.7 % according to the survey conducted by the Labor Office has indeed fired up mixed reactions. Nonetheless while there are people who chose to stay positive on their outlook in spite of of these outbursts and argument, at the close of the day, folks whether content or not with the present news would still need to handle the issue regardless. That's the fact and it bites.

It does not necessarily mean that being unwaged is a total responsibility in itself, occasionally, we just have to check out it with a different perspective, it may even be a blessing in disguise which we are ignorant of. Why not focus our strengths on the stuff we can be proactive about? Get more inventive and remain positive as usual so we can overcome each day that passes without much worry. As there are resources available online, the more instant ones are those that we will find inside our area. There are unemployment offices or unemployment extension centers in different areas that are willing to help. We need to know whereabouts to find them and learn how to get unemployment benefits while you are still in the process of looking for new employment. Here are some of the things which might help determine your suitability, the proper way to claim unemployment benefits and other crucial facts you wished to know.

1. Unemployment benefits can still be obtained to part-timers (in a number of states) such that you only earn half your weekly unemployment check. Simply check with your government department on this matter. 2. Unemployment benefits should be filed on the state where you currently live regardless if you worked on a different state.

The UI agency where you live will then check with the other states to process your claim. Three. You can only be eligible for unemployment claims if your previous employer is subject to the unemployment insurance law of which does not include churches, spiritual or non-profit organizations. 4. You ought to be actively looking full time for a job and isn't attending a college or day classes.

There some states that are easygoing on this nonetheless if you're somebody taking some classes in the evening, there should be no problem. If you think that unemployment insurance benefits are non-taxable, then you are wrong. They are subject to Fed. And state earnings taxes and the IRS will tax all of the benefits after the first $2400. However, there are guiding principles on how it's possible for you to reduce these taxes : A. Gather all your job related invoices on your expenses such as parking fees, resume services, and travel associated with job hunting and interviews.

B. You can apply for “uncollectible status” if your present earnings does not suffice your capability to pay tax like you used to if in case, you owe taxes in the current year. C. Consult a tax accountant to help gel with the procedure.

Severance Pay and Unemployment benefits may both be claimed however, check with your state office to be sure as most states collect severance pay and UI benefits for the same weeks. Six. Reduced work hours can make you eligible to file for unemployment benefits unless it surpasses third of your usual work hours or takings. Seven. In case that you’ve got a new job but wouldn't start in three weeks, simply stop claiming weekly benefits but then you're entitled to claim up to the 1st week in your new job. Eight. As mentioned, non-profit organization workers such as those in the churches, spiritual establishments, employee on programs administered by a non-profit or public institution, real estate brokers or insurance agents (commission-based) independent experts, elected government officials and those officials that deal with policy-making and advisory, and members of a juridical body or judiciary are not suitable for unemployment benefits.


Automated And Accessible Inquiry On Unemployment Claims From Marvin Michigan Unemployment


During the first month of the year 2010, Michigan was ranked as the top state when it comes down to the best number of unemployed individuals in a particular state. The rate of unemployment is in repeated increase. This leads directly to the further blocking of the line leading toward the direction of the Unemployment Insurance Agency. The overcrowding of the offices of the agency all across the country's area of responsibility caused the need to develop an arrangement wherein the clients of the agency will be able to transact business using their phones in order to reduce the quantity of people visiting the agency’s office. This situation served as the catalyst which resulted to the creation of the Marvin Michigan unemployment system.

The Marvin Michigan unemployment system is an electronic set up which stands in as an answering machine which answers the inquiries from the clients as well as for the endorsement of the eligibility of the applicant trying for an unemployment claim from the govt. . The processing is so converted from manual to mechanical systems. Given the conditions discussed above, the Marvin Michigan unemployment system is able to serve the needs of the underemployed in Michigan.

Other states like Ohio, Wisconsin (wi), and even California are testing the likelihood of using an automated answering and instruction provider to perform the job of a considerable number of staff to the maximum level of satisfaction most particularly the jobless ones.


Unwaged Student Debt Consolidation Converting Wasteland Of Unemployment And Debt


Oh O.K! So you're the one who didn't get repay the loans. And you are the one who is unemployed…Let me get this straight you are a unemployed student with delinquent liabilities? You are looking for loans? The concept of new loan doesn't seem such an excellent idea. You bet it isn't, unless it is consolidation loan for underemployed student. The cost of education is touching new heights. This has made mandatory for scholars to take loans.

Making payments is easier said than done especially when student is jobless. Separate payments on a few loans are like counting bills all the time without much success. This makes debt consolidation much more significant for underemployed. Unwaged Student loan consolidation works on similar terms as any standard consolidation. Debt consolidation advance will mix diverse loans into single consolidated loan.

This loan looks after various debt. Unemployed student with one loan to be paid in 5 years and another in ten years or so will have one debt consolidation arrangement and instead of different interest rates like fixed on one and variable on another, a single loan structure will choose for all loans. Depending on the loan amount and availability of collateral unwaged student can apply for secured or unsecured debt consolidation. For reduced amounts that are below pound,25,000, jobless can sign up for unsecured debt consolidation. No collateral and easy repayments for terms extending from 5-10 years. With secured debt consolidation, underemployed student gets to use property like auto and real estate. Secured debt consolidation enable underemployed student to borrow larger amounts like pound,25,000-pound,75,000 and above.

Repayment terms for secured jobless debt consolidation will be 10-30 years. Secured will offer comparatively lower interest rates than unsecured counterpart. As a rule IRs are reduced with debt consolidation. Without that debt consolidation makes no sense. A unemployed student needs to carefully see that the cumulative IR on different loans looks higher than the IRs on debt consolidation arrangement. Many debt consolidation hopefuls neglect the interest rates and focus on lower monthly payments.

Standard payments extended over longer loan duration will always end in lower payments. A unwaged should be cautious to rigorously figure out the monthly payments and see you aren't paying more. Online tools like loan calculator can help you in doing that. Debt consolidation for student enables unemployed to fill in for the time when you start earning. Lowering monthly payments will be really helpful particularly while you are on the lookout for job. With debt consolidation, a student will see that at least one area has become controllable.

One monthly payments payment will appear to end payment chaos. With one bank to deal with, it will keep harassment from other lenders in check. Underemployed student will need to search for new loan lender who works favourably in consolidating loans like education loan, student loan, Visa card bills or any utility charges. Searching for a respectable bank for debt consolidation is crucial for an unwaged borrower. High advance free, high consolidation charge, redemption charge, lender insisting extending loan period – are few of the explanations why you have to look for more banks.

Always ask for quotes and ask about things that aren't clear to you. And move ahead with lender if you are satisfied. Regularly underemployed student just stop at IRs. Look for other debt consolidation policies and IRs for the whole loan period. Check for discounts and benefits for unemployed student. A unemployed student shouldn't live under the illusion that debt consolidation will reduce obligations. Your debts will remain there, debt consolidation will give the chance for unemployed student to payback these loans.

Students typically have this twin burden of unemployment and loans. Knowing you don't have the best partners to boast of debt consolidation is an excellent way to tackle debt while you handle the other. The person who has the worst credit condition can find loans at low rates. You are merely an jobless student with a few delinquent obligations. Your call to consolidate can negate debt from having an effect on your progress. This is critical! Particularly when so many things, including your job situation, rely on exactly how well you have performed with obligations.


An Extension For Unemployment Benefits – What You Must Know


What's an extension for unemployment benefits? How long does it last? How are you able to apply? Conventional unemployment insurance lasts for 26 weeks. When there are raised levels of unemployment in your state, it may be possible for you to receive an extension of benefits. A high amount of unemployment is traditionally defined as a rate above 6%. Your state will tell you about signing up for an unemployment extension when your traditional benefits are about to expire, and will definitely be able to tell you regarding the rate of unemployment in your state.

As the name suggests, an extension of benefits allows for a continuance of unemployment compensation payments above and beyond the primary twenty-six week period. There are 2 kinds of extended unemployment benefits : one. Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) and 2. Extended Benefits (EB). Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Under EUC, the amount of further weeks you can receive will rely on the level of unemployment in your state.

In states with rates of joblessness above 6%, you'll be suitable for an extra thirty three weeks of benefits. If the unemployment rate in your state is below 6%, the extension of unemployment benefits is 20 weeks. Emergency Unemployment Compensation is a consequence of legislation passed during 2008, and is ready to expire at the end of 2009, unless Congress votes to increase it. Extended Benefits (EB) Extended Benefits (EB) provide an extra extension of benefits once EUC has been exhausted. Again, the time period you may receive extra benefits is dependent on the level of unemployment in your state. In states with rates of joblessness above 6.5%, you'll be suitable for a further thirteen weeks of unemployment compensation.

And, if the jobless rate in your state is above 8%, the extension of benefits is another seven weeks (for a sum total of 20 weeks). As discussed, your state should inform you about trying for an unemployment extension when your conventional benefits are about to expire. To be safe, however, it is worth contacting your unemployment office to ask about an extension a few weeks before your twenty-six week period of regular benefits is complete. To qualify for an extension, you'll be asked to meet the same suitability standards required for regular benefits.

In total, getting an extension for unemployment benefits makes it possible to receive up to 79 weeks of benefits (twenty-six weeks of standard benefits thirty three weeks of EUC 20 weeks of EB) if you live in a state with a high rate of unemployment.


To Fight Or Not To Fight, A PEO Point Of View On Unemployment Claim Challenges


Many business owners and managers have found themselves in a quandary over whether or not to fight an unemployment claim. Who is suitable? Who pays for a claim? How will this affect my business long term? Since it is your taxes that pay for unemployment benefits, it’s in your best interest to become acquainted with the how this program works. Here are some facts about unemployment that might help to make the decision whether to battle a claim a little easier. Who gets what? – Unemployment benefit payments are made to workers (claimants) who are briefly jobless thru no fault of their own, and who are attempting to re-enter the labor force. As an employer, your unemployment taxes pay the whole price of unemployment benefits paid.

Unemployment taxes can't be withheld from your employees ‘ wages. Only wages paid during a 12-month period, called the base period, are employed in establishing unemployment benefit amounts. The base period is the first 4 of the last 5 completed calendar quarters before the date the petitioner files for benefits.

The highest amount of wages paid in a quarter of the worker’s base period sets the weekly benefit amount. The minimum weekly amount is $60, the maximum is $240. The petitioner may collect up to twenty-six weeks of benefits, or third of his / her total base period salary, whichever is less, in a benefit year – a 52-week period. The maximum that may be collected is $6240. Now eligibility will depend on the reason the claimant left their last job. Whether the last job was your business or not doesn’t matter.

If they worked for you during the based period you'll still receive a claim. Remember, a petitioner is only suitable for benefits if they become unwaged through no fault of their own. So keep good paperwork on performance issues as it will help you long-term. The last straw! – Many companies accept that as long as they have historic documentation, it will help them win an unemployment claim.

This might not be so. The unemployment claims administrator in your state will glance at the last incident that was the cause of termination. For instance, if Joe had repeated write-ups in his file for attendance issues but the explanation for termination was insubordination, Joe may win his claim for unemployment benefits. Usually the claims administrator is going to want to see progressive discipline that leads to no other choice but termination. If Joe will be terminated for insubordination, confirm your paperwork shows that he has been warned about this behaviour but continued until it left you no choice. But they QUIT! – If the complainant was discharged for wrongdoing or give up without good cause in association with the work, benefits will be denied for so long as he / she's now underemployed. But what takes place when an employee willingly quit with good cause regarding the work? For example : o Unexpected and complete change in work commitments making it hard to continue working o Sudden change of office making travel distance excessively longer o Unsafe workplace environment primarily based on the employee’s abilities Examples like these might be reasons permitted by the Unemployment Director for payment of unemployment benefits.

Of course, plenty of reasons may be subjective so it’s a good idea to debate possible changes to an employee’s workplace environment or duties with your Human Resources Manager to chat about implications related to potential claims like unemployment. To help in avoiding unemployment claims from employees who ‘quit ‘, have a precise job description detailing current and possible future commitments. This can avoid surprises to the employee. Screen your potential new hires rigorously to make sure they are up for the job and sufficiently flexible to switch duties or locations in the future if required. Now if your employee left work for a compelling private reason not attributable to the employer, they may still be eligible but your account won't be charged. Who pays for unemployment benefits? – Simply put, companies. When you pay tax to the State Unemployment Tax Administration (SUTA), this money is put into an account to pay for possible future claims.

If it is determined that a former worker is in fact eligible for benefits, this cash is then charged to your account. You may receive quarterly reports detailing all the claims paid and how much was paid to every individual. To Battle or not To Fight? – This is your decision.

Our information, FIGHT. Unemployment benefits were set up to assist people who found themselves unemployed thru no fault of their own. To explain, if the worker was laid off thanks to a decrease in force, they had no control over the decision and would have possibly continued providing adequate work for their employer if they had the chance. Similarly, unemployment benefits were intended to aid these people to keep food on the table while they're ‘actively ‘ seeking other work. Benefits were not intended to be never ending or, to be a sole source of earnings. If your previous worker was cancelled for cause, you need to fight or challenge the claim. If you told your employee that you were ‘laying them off ‘, you can't change your decision and list the rationale as ‘terminated’. This explains why it is very important to be straight with your workforce especially during a termination.

If you're firing them, be clear with them and tell them they're fired. Hey, it works for Don Trump. Let's go again with paperwork. Attach write-ups and record of verbal cautions which will show progressive discipline leading to the termination.

To explain, you will want to show the Unemployment Administrator that regardless of cautions and re-direction, your employee continued the unsuitable behavior leaving you no choice except to terminate them. Have your HR Dep. Assist you with fighting unemployment claims.

They have almost seen it all and know the way to properly file a dispute and win. In that case, you'll be invited to go to a hearing by telephone or in person. Again, don’t ignore it! You were given this far, do not let a hearing shock you. Take part in the hearing and have your paperwork and notes ready. Be truthful and be specific . The hearing officer will then make a determination which becomes final . If benefits were paid to the individual and it's determined that they were not in truth admissible, they're going to be asked to pay that cash back to your unemployment account.